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#DBHangOps 10/02/13 -- MySQL Utilities from Chuck Bell!

Thanks to everyone who came. Definitely check out the recording below!

Heyo everybody!

Coming up this Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013 at 12:00pm pacific (19:00 GMT) is another exciting #DBHangOps. Join the google hangout to discuss:

  • MySQL Utilities from Chuck Bell!

As always, check out the #DBHangops twitter search, the DBHangops Twitter Feed, or this blog post to get a link for the google hangout on Wednesday!

Looking forward to to the discussion with all of ya!

Show Notes:

Check out Chuck Bell's slide deck:

Also be sure to check out Chuck's notes below to help you along!

Fabric Blogs

Here are some links to blogs, etc. on Fabric.

Fabric Presentations

And here are some presentations that might be interesting.

Fabric Download and Docs

Lastly, here is a link to the current Fabric release and documentation. Go here and choose "MySQL Utilities - Fabric" from the drop-down list.


Utilities Install Issue

"At least one person mentioned a problem with installing Utilities and C/Py. More specifically, the paths were not the same.

I've researched this and found only one way to reproduce the problem. If you install the source bundle of one and the distribution of another on certain platforms, you will indeed end up with two different locations. Lesson here is to either install both source bundles or both distributions and no mix them." -- Charles Bell